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Brandon Burry

Burrychocolates  owner

  In 1961, United States Army veteran Thomas Allen “Al” Burry and his wife, Anna, decided they were going to make a living crafting delicious homemade candies. Anna and Al (Grandma and Grandpa) opened their business called The Fudge Shoppe in Flemington, NJ. The business steadily grew with the help of their sons, daughters and their husbands and wives. As the family continued to grow, my childhood began.

  My favorite memories include many early mornings surrounded by aunts, uncles, brothers, nephews and nieces; my hands in melted chocolate learning to make the delicious sweets. Grandpa would walk around the store; his right hand covered in chocolate teaching me how to handle the melted goodness while Grandma worked nearby diligently packaging the delicate creations.

  One uncle worked the kitchen, mixing and turning a large pot of liquid fudge using a wooden paddle, just before he poured the creamy mixture out onto the cold marble table. My aunts helped serve the customers and took orders over the phone. My brother and uncle would be down in the basement placing all types of candies on the enrober, which coats the candy in chocolate just before it passes through a cooling tunnel. It was quite a wonderful scene.

  I spent much of my childhood working with the entire family and through my high school years, working weekends. After high school, I joined the United States Marine Corps where I was stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I married my incredible wife Emily and we made North Carolina our home.

  I dreamed of starting my own chocolate store to continue the family legacy my grandparents started. A few years ago, just before Grandpa Al passed away, he gave the business to my aunts and uncles who have grown The Fudge Shoppe into an incredible place. They have done an incredible job continuing to make some of the most delicious treats you will ever enjoy.

  Now with the help of my mother, father, amazing wife and family, we begin Burry Chocolates in Hampstead, NC. The same attention to taste, detail and family tradition will continue.

  From our family to yours, we hope to see you soon and welcome you to our store. Please stop by to see our selections and have a taste. 


We are located on highway 17 just north of Eastern Outfitters right next to Pelican Reef Neighborhood.

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